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The Amplify Prosperity Model is geared towards two outcomes in mind:
Personal Connection and Business Growth
It is a core belief that the more engaged someone is in their network, the more success they'll see in their work.
We look to amplify this effect by focusing on 6 key pillars of personal and business development.

A New Economy Needs a New Framework

A Non-Transactional Approach to Networking

AmplifyProsperity was founded in 2018 with a small group of professionals with the goal to bring ideas and concepts that were unique and inspiring to Indianapolis based business leaders. Over time, our model has changed to include 6 pillars of focus we believe are necessary for professionals to be aware of and master so they can stay relevant in their industry.

Today, our focus is to be as supportive and collaborative as ever. However, we want to make sure that we're keeping our focus on the individual who has their own set of strengths, ambitions, and goals.

To support them, we are passionate about creating communities of business leaders and entrepreneurs that foster personal and professional development through a combination of unique experiences, meaningful relationships, and numerous opportunities.

From Digital Transformation to Industry Reinvention

When we first started our journey in 2018, the focus of business at the time was to change the way customers accessed services at scale. Companies were fine tuning supply chain systems and really honing in on creating positive employee experiences. What we got out of that time period were companies like Netflix, Uber, AWS, and Spotify. And generally speaking, we did it through changing how the workplace worked (think Google's and Apple's campus), but also utilizing new design and engineering methods (think agile development, mobile app design, and On Demand services).

When the pandemic hit, there was a digital disruption. No longer were we focused on scaling, but we focused on doing things in a whole new way. Restaurants started shipping their meals long distances, telemedicine became a thing, telecommunicating became much more prevalent (along with hiring high level talent outside of your immediate area) as well as the models used to manage those changes (Zoom was no longer used by just podcasters and presenters!).

However, the journey didn't stop there. As the workday has become more free-flowing for more individuals, so have the organizations themselves. Today, companies are moving into all new business models and adjacent industries - while at the same time, new industries are emerging and awarding their best performers with first-to-market authority. Fintech, the SEC, and other centralized financial players are performing duties that they weren't originally designed to regulate. And as far as the talent pool, career pathways continue to change and evolve into roles we wouldn't been able to predict (or comprehend) just a couple of years ago - especially with the release of AI based tools.

All of this to say that our world is changing faster and faster. Those leaders who can compete in the age of AI and can appreciate non-conformity and individualism in the workplace (in person or remote), will be setting themselves up for success in the years to come.

Aligning yourself with likeminded people will help you make the transition to bluer oceans and create more business.

Why We're Different

The Amplify Prosperity Network is designed to: 

1.) Keep our activities closely connected to this rapidly changing world.
2.) Facilitate and support the research, understanding, and implementation of new concepts.
3.) Enable best practices to be transferred seamlessly throughout the Network (and the world).
4.) Help create and build communities of likeminded leaders, mentors, practitioners, and technical experts around the country (and world).